Covert Infrared Security Cameras – Watching Your Home at Night

Many home owners want to be able to see what actually happens in their home when no one is watching. While half of every day might be light, the other half is dark. So many are looking for a better solution to see in the dark and be able to clearly make out a family member, intruder, burglar or robber even during low light or pitch black conditions. In the past, if you wanted to monitor what happened inside your home, you could find pinhole hidden covert security cameras with primarily daytime viewing only. The limitation of a hidden camera design is that the lens of the camera is a pinhole style lens. These lenses, aside from being easily concealed in everyday items like motion detectors, also let less light into the image sensor of the camera. Because of this, as light levels start to drop, these cameras usually provide little to no picture at all.

Camera from SafeStreets

In order to compensate for the smaller pinhole style lenses, many of these covert cameras use a lower-light (low lux) image sensor. These low light image sensors will take the reduced light and magnify it a little bit to deliver slightly better picture quality in lower light levels so that the camera can still see as long as there is some light in the room. Depending on the type of magnification process used, these cameras might deliver a good picture under certain conditions, however when light levels really drop, only a slow shutter or electronic slow shutter can improve the picture quality. The problem with a slow shutter is that if something is moving quickly, it simply blurs across the screen. While low lux image sensors are slightly better than daytime only selections, home owners who employ low light cameras will still notice that if the lights are off, they are not able to see anything at all until lights are turned on.

The continued evolution covert indoor cameras now allowed the creation of completely hidden security cameras that have infrared IR night vision capabilities. These cameras have lower lux image sensors for increased sensitivity to light, combined with infrared LEDs that provide light even when no light is available. This allows the ability for the camera to see even if there is no light present, making these cameras an ideal choice for home or business security camera installations where the owner wants to be able to watch the premises without anyone knowing that they are being recorded. These new cameras like our new CD-7360 indoor motion detector style covert camera look like normal everyday items like an alarm system motion detector or other items like clocks, sprinklers and more. While these cameras do not yet have the strength or range of other non-concealed infrared IR cameras, they do make it easier to watch your home or business covertly around the clock.


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